ConvergenceIndia.Com The Journey of ConvergenceIndia.Com began in 2002 with Chetan buying this domain name in an auction to serve Hindi FM Radio to his Desi friends spread across Universities in the United States. Chetan being a Networking major during his Masters program, took keen interest in the evolving Telecommunications sector in India and started blogging only to give up for a brief period between 2004-2005, when he had a really challenging job at Microsoft and inducted other professionals on board to share their thoughts. He now separately writes on 3g4g but volunteers to be the Webmaster.

Articles on the site are contributed by many Professionals in chosen verticals and regular visitors of the website. We thank them for their regular overwhelming contribution on various topics ranging from Telecom Sector, Mobile Services and Devices, Web Services, Startups, Software as a Service, etc.

How to Contribute ?
You know the verticals we cover and if you feel that your thoughts and analysis can educate readers, further the development of eco-system, kindly send your contribution to “ichetan AT Gmail Dot Com”