Airtel 8Mbps Broadband Reality + New Plans

Finally we are seeing the light at the end of the fiber, though not so colorful yet 🙂 Airtel Broadband’s 8 Mbps plan is now Live in Bangalore and Chennai. However, the disappointing part is there are no unlimited data transfer plans and are way too expensive 🙁 The packets under this plan move on a different network – CEN and maybe it is not economical to offer unlimited transfer. But it is anybody’s guess how many residential consumers will opt for these plans 🙂

The most interesting part is Airtel has introduced unlimited internet / broadband access plans for every section of Indians with plans starting from Rs 499 to Rs 1499. This is a fantastic announcement as this will reduce my headache about people complaining of being billed heavily on data transfer part and asking for leads to get their problems solved.

Author: Webmaster