B2B BandWidth Cost To Rise ?

The frequent International Bandwidth cable cuts has given a new business opportunity for Indian Telcos to serve the BPO, IT and ITeS community. Most of these companies use Leased line connectivity for their business needs. Depending upon their ISP, some companies have been affected even though India’s NIXI has provisions for emergency routing through alternative channels, but rivalry between Big Telcos to push for new products like “Uninterrupted Leased Lines” has pushed some telcos like Reliance Communications into the corner.

ISPs have started pitching that if Corporates want highly secure and reliable connectivity despite incidents ofcable cuts, then they need to shell out more. ISPs and bandwidth carriers are making a business case saying they will BUY channels on different route so that in times of emergency they can use the best available network.

In case of SMW3 and SMW4, their are restoration contracts, meaning one will act as a fallback reserve ot the other. However, this time near France both they systems have been impacted at the same time.

Did you know that a 256 kbps leased Line will cost you approximately 50 times more than your ADSL broadband connection ? So stay happy while you read and surf at minuscle cost using your DSL internet 🙂

Author: Webmaster