Bharti Airtel launches 1Mbps Unlimited Plan

Bharti Airtel Broadband is all set to offer 1 Mbps unlimited data transfer broadband plan in Karnataka circle. [I am not sure of other circles yet] Just last week, BSNL DataOne launched 512Kbps broadband at cheaper price than Airtel.

As per the information provided by Bharti Airtel, here are the available unlimited data transfer broadband plans in Karnataka.

128Kbps – Rs 699 [Always on Internet connection, TRAI requires 256Kbps+ for broadband]
256 Kbps – Rs 750
384 Kbps – Rs 999
512 Kbps – Rs 1,499
1 Mbps – Rs 2,222 [New]

All tariffs are for a month. Taxes not included. So a 1 Mbps broadband line in India now costs Rs 2500 [including Taxes] ~USD 62.5 Can someone tell us how much does it cost in the US / Other places for the same pipe ? Or How much broadband $62.5 can BUY in the US and other countries around the world ?

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  1. regarding new internet connection…

    Name: Ajay Kumar
    Contact NUM: +91-9912374587
    Location: Chandanager, Hyderabad.

  2. I am using 1M Internet connection in Malaysia. The monthly rental is 110 Malaysia Ringitt. Which converted to Indian rupees is 1500 Rupees per month. We 4 guys sharing the single connection.
    The service is good. Most of the times i can watch online movies and I can download movies very fast. Sometimes when everyone is using heavily its tough to watch movie online. Atleast 2 Guys can view Movie Online at a time. The price is reasonable compared to 2500 Rupees for 1 Meg from Airtel right..

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