Bharti launches Airtel Mega – Fixed Wireless Phone

Fixed Wireless Phone – A phone which is similar to your land phone but operates using Mobile Networks(GSM in case of Bharti). That means unlike your routine landline phone which requires wire till your home is not necessary in Fixed Wirless Phones. I am not sure if this kind of service is available elsewhere in the world but it is common in India. Fixed wireless phones offer the apability of SMS, Caller Tunes, Voice mail, etc.

Bhari-Airtel launched fixed wireless phone today. This phone came into existence mainly to service the rural areas in India which were left behind in the telecom revolution. Bharti announced that the service will be made available wherever Bharti’s Airtel Mobile works. Calls from Fixed Wireless Phones to Intra Circle cell phones will be atleast 50% cheaper.

At the launch of this Airtel Mega service, Sanjay Kapoor, Jt. President of Bharti-Airtel(Mobility Division) said that

The fixed landline market is India is currently under-served, specially in smaller town and villages, on account of inadequate infrastructure. With this, we will be able to target about 200 million households in the country. The FWP subscribers are likely to increase at 5 million per annum. This service will have all the facilities available to mobile users.

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