Can WiMax Put us in Big 3 of Wireless Broadband ?

Wimax 1.0 would get a “B- / C” on the test scores when measured for promise to performance in India. However, the operators have had their share of experience and are all set to woo back a large number of consumers after the WiMax BWA Spctrum Auction.

WiMax forum, industry-led, not-for-profit organization formed to certify and promote the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based on the harmonized IEEE 802.16 estimates India to have 27.5 million WiMAX users representing approximately 20% of the global WiMAX user base by 2012. At the end of Nov-08, India had 5.25 mn broadband subscribers]

The Indian telecom sector operates in a volume driven market, and with India’s broadband penetration rate still low, India is not only positioned to become one of the world’s largest broadband wireless markets, but also to support an ancillary ecosystem that will generate
further employment and enhance development in semi urban and rural areas.

India’s planned WiMAX deployments are expected to give the device-hungry Indian market the access to connected laptops, USB dongles, mobile phones, and mobile internet devices that they have been demanding. WiMAX Forum predicts that major rollouts of WiMAX technology in India will have a tremendously positive effect on the nation’s economy. e-Learning, Tele-medicine and e-Governance are th likely applications to be rolld out on this platform [atleast a marketing pitch to keep evryone happy].

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