Comparison of Tata Photon+ – Reliance NetConnect Broadband+

Tata Photon+ and Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ are wireless based broadband services better than their predecessor technologies Wimax and have been gaining lot of traction. Both are offering very similar plans at almost the same rates. Therefore, the distinguishing factor will be “Quality of Service and Support”.

Here is a comparison of various Tata Photon+ plans – Life, Power Surf, Use n Pay, Super Surf etc and Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Plans – City, Night Pay as you go etc  [Source: BroadbandIndia]

Reliance netConnect versus Tata Photon+ broadband plans

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14 thoughts on “Comparison of Tata Photon+ – Reliance NetConnect Broadband+

  1. reliance billing is always incorrect .customer care dont care.i took 2 connections for one i gave a letter for cancellation and paid an extra amount of 2000.they included the amount in next months bills and continuing sending bills even i am not using it.i want to disconnect the next connection with out paying bills please some one advise me what to and ambanis are not reliable fellows thats how they loot indians and earn money.bastards.

  2. reliance + prepaid service is so poor shop seller advice my by reliance netconnect+ prepaid connection which speed max goes to 3.1 Mbps but i have never seen maximum speed 250 kbps mostly time it raging 30 kbps which is very ordinary speed, i think reliance never provide good service it’s minimum monthly recharge 850 rs. and 5 gb is free after that speed will be 130 kbs but in 5 gb period i have never seen it’s average speed only 30 kbs sometime it is raging around 10 kbs or below many time i have restart my netconnect which is very frustrating please advice me about photo+ which i have heard best compare to reliance if any one good idea please advice me

  3. Hi,
    I have been using Tata Photon+ for the last 3 years. I used to get something about 200-250 Kbps at starting and for the last 6 months i am getting on an average of 90 to 100 Kbps. Very poor and at times i used to get 70Kbps or below.
    Engineers visited us and suggested cable connection with some antenna and i am not for it as it will restrict my mobility as i believe wireless mean should be wireless. Now they say call is closed with out enhancing my speed and say they dont have solution for it except going for wired antenna. I feel it is ridiculous. I have one more connection with reliance which is now giving about 450 Kbps download speed, whih is of 6 months old now, but would like to wait and watch before commenting.

    But i feel in terms of service and customer satisfaction wise, Tata Photon is not upto the mark

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