Essel to Scale Siti Cable Internet Business

Essel group owned Siti Cable / Broadband now under Wire and Wirless India Ltd – WWIL [after business restructuring] has unveiled an ambitious expansion plan to ramp up its existing network infrastructure to serve Cable TV customers with Broadband internet as well.

WWIL is targeting households and SMEs in all Tier-I cities across India. The company wants to have atleast 25% of its revenues ringing in from the broadband services. It is targeting an ARPU / Month of Rs 500. Mr. Deepak Chandani, CEO of WWIL said,

We plan t oadd about 100,000 broadband cusomers within a year. As we ramp up our Digital cable business, it makes perfect sense for us to become a broadband internet service provider as we can offer both the services under the same infrastructure.

Siti Broadband in Bangalore was the first in 1999 to offer good quality always on Internet [it was technically not broadband as the speed limit was capped at 128 Kbps]. We had a look at Siti broadband tariff plans and we feel that in the age of rich media, these internet plans will not serve an average customer where data trasnfer limit is capped or in unlimited plans they don’t offer 256Kbps speed [Min speed to be classified as broadband]. Siti’s pricing is also on the higher side as you can get a 384 Kbps unlimited data transfer plan for Rs 1,000 with other service providers such as BSNL DataOne and Airtel Broadband.

Author: Webmaster