Indian GSM Mobile subscribers grow by 13.6% QoQ

Indian GSM cellular operators grew by just 13.6% QoQ at the end of Q2-2006(June 30th) compared to CDMA subscribers growth of 32% during the same period. You cannot compare QoQ growth directly as GSM operators have 3 times the subscribers base than that of CDMA.

At the end of Q2-2006, total Indian GSM subscriber base stands at 78,484,849(June 30th 2006) compared to 69,064,945 (March 31st 2006) a quarter ago. Bharti-Airtel now leads the pack of GSM operators with a market-share of 29.4% and 23,072,579 subscribers. BSNL Cell One occupied the second slot with a market share of 23.3% and 18,293,682 subscribers. Hutch occupies third slot with 15.27% market share and 11,991,953 subscribers followed by Idea Cellular with 10.87% marketshare and 8,535,443 subscribers.

Author: Webmaster