Mobile Internet Users Double. Fourth in World

Indians going online using their Mobile Phone has more than doubled in the past one year according to a release by PTI. Be it using your Airtel Data Card or Reliance Discover Internet card. One in every 11 people logging on the www across the world is an Indian.

Indians account for 9% of the total number of mobile Internet users in the world. Compare this with broadband, where India lags severely behind, maybe less than 1% 🙁 According to a study by UK based form Bango, it expects mobile phone usage in India to exceed European levels in the next few years.

With pathetic broadband penetration in India, Bango expects that wherever flat-rate mobile data charges are pervasive in a country, then there’s much more web browsing. However, with the launch of Reliance Broadband over Wimax in Bangalore, the scenario might be totally different few years from now, say “India will be the fourth in number of broadband users over Wimax”.

Author: Webmaster