MTNL Triband VoIP based ISD Calling

MTNL’s Triband Broadband customers in Mumbai and Delhi will be able to make VoIP based ISD calls at just Rs 1 / Minute. The good news is that you can do this using your regular MTNL Phone. However, you will need to have an Analog Telephone Adaptor which will cost Rs 1,500 and additionally you should be a subscribed to MTNL Triband broadband.

Globally this service is offered by companies such as Vonage, Packet8, etc. I have used Vonage in Bangalore over Airtel Broadband and didn’t have any issues. MTNL is offering this in association with Aksh Optifibre. I really don’t recommend MTNL’s service because of poor customer service [Well that’s the fate of Government controlled companies]. Also, their Broadband tariffs are highly unreasonable.

Recently, MTNL launched a portal in association with AOL. MTNL has half a million broadband subscribers in Mumbai and Delhi.

Author: Webmaster