Naukri’s Loss is Monsters Gain

Back in 1999-2000, Times of India’s Ascent published ever Wednesday was the major source for Jobs Classifieds. The situation is entirely different today and is changing rapidly.

In the past few years, Naukri, Monsters and TimesJobs have all gained traction. In a study conducted by JuxtConsult, Naukri has substantially lost ground to Monsters and TimesJobs. Their are around 18.4 million job seekers according to a survey of 10,000 respondents.

Going forward into the era of Web 2.0, jobs will be filled through Social and Professional networks. In fact, this is the reason techTribe and brijj have been founded. Specialized blogs are another source of jobs in the Web 2.0 world.

Indians are obsessed with their mobiles. Mobile for shopping, stock trading, cricket scores and now for match making 🙂 Bharat Matrimony, one of the leading matrimonial sites will soon launch its mobile portal. (Link says under construction). Here is another page from the same website, grabbed from Google cache 😛 Looks like they have some operation through SMS.

The company has tied up with Hungama and Mobile2Win for content. I fail to understand why every major Indian portal has one track mind – Matrimony/Dating, Jobs, Classifieds and Travel makes their world. Maybe it’s time they take some directions from a disruptive thinker like Mahesh Murthy and Dr. V Vinay of PinStorm.

Author: Webmaster