Online Gadget Retailers in India

Retail is not just the buzzword in unwired India, but also in Cyber India.

We have had online mobile retailers in India. But however, we were looking for various Gadget Retailers and in our study we have found that their are three companies in the business with similar brand identities.

The first to come into operations is Gadgets.In. This company is based out of Delhi and have been in online retailing business for nearly 20 months. They also sell on eBay, Rediff and Indiatimes.

Another online retailer surfaced from Mumbai – They are aggressively advertising online and have no eBay or other presence. They claim that they are the first online Technology Mall in India, but that claim doesn’t sound to be True.

Just a while ago, we learnt about another Gadget Retailer going online. This company is based out of Gurgaon and have very similar brand – Why do Indians always like to copy and can’t build an individual identity and a world class brand ?

Author: Webmaster