Optimistic Subscriber Numbers from CII + IMRB

According to Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and IMRB Broadband Report, Indian broadband penetration is expected to reach 214 million by 2014 for which the government needs a capital outlay of around Rs 17,000 crore laying fibre cables.

There are nearly 7 million broad band connections in the country, which is expected to increase by 30% to touch 214 million by 2014 with around 700 million users. Out of the total, around 393 millions are expected from urban and 295 million would be in rural India, for which the penetration rate would also generate 20 million jobs.

CII has recommended that the government should develop a comprehensive ICT policy encompassing this vision through programme of various central and state government departments. The government needs to lay fibre cables to support the broadband penetration and 3G penetration by investing worth of such quantum, likely to be funded through Universal Service Obligation (USO) fund.

The industry body also said that the broadband penetration can empower 326 million students, 7 million teachers and 50,000 primary health cares with broadband for higher quality of education, health.

Author: Webmaster