Reliance NetConnect Plus Tariffs + Plans

Reading First in Global MediaWe have obtained the Reliance NetConnect Boadband Tariffs and Plans made available to citizens of 35 cities. Here is the details about the same. All plans come with Nationwide roaming [i.e 35 cities currently]

  • Pay as you go – Rs 299 Monthly Rental + Rs 2 / MB of Data Transfer
  • Night Unlimited – Rs 499 Monthly Rental + Rs 0.50 / MB if used during the day [6 AM – 10PM]
  • Broadband + 1 GB – Rs 650 Monthly Rental + 1 GB Free Download + Rs 2 / MB thereafter
  • Broadband + 2.5 GB – Rs 850 Monthly Rental + 2.5 GB Free Download + Rs 2 / MB thereafter
  • Broadband + 5 GB – Rs 1099 Monthly Rental + 5 GB Free Download + Rs 2 / MB thereafter
  • Broadband + Citywide Unlimited Plan – Rs 1099 Monthly Rental + Unlimited data transfer [Kindly check, this is will have some restrictions] [No Nationwide roaming, limited to your city only]
  • Broadband + Unlimited Plan – Rs 1,750 monthly rental + Unlimited data transfer [Kindly check, this is will have some restrictions on data transfer after certain Gigs, mostly 50 GB ]
  • Unlimited Night Add on Pack – Rs 199 monthly rental + Unlimited data transfer

NOTE: Unlimited plans are not really unlimited. You will have certain limit on data usage / month. I think it is 10 GB / Month for Citywide Unlimited and 50 GB / Month for Nationwide Unlimited after which Rs 2 / MB will be charged. Kindly confirm before you sign-up.

After you avail the connection, Kindly do a Speedtest of your internet and please share your experience [ as comment below] using Reliance NetConnect Broadband Plus so that it will help other users to decide.

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7 thoughts on “Reliance NetConnect Plus Tariffs + Plans

  1. Thanks a lot I Just Got A Reliance Nett Connect Device From My Cousin,I thought Of getting Connected By Any Good Plan,But This Comments Have Open My Eyes….I had A Reliance Sim With a Bad Plan I Just Throw It Off.This Reliance Company is fraud.We Must not support this guys let's inform about this to all….

  2. Dear me too got the same issue to pay my bill of 2000 after disconecting the connection. i got lot of calls too but what to do? finally got a court letter. I went to reliance and bursted out finally i paid 10 Rs to solve the issue. Dear ones if u act as innocent they will cheat u be bold and always think that u have rights because customers satisfaction is must this days.. God Bless all. Bless

  3. really Reliance net connect+ 3.1 mbps, which I took in the month of July 2011 continued for 2 and half months. When the speed is tested lot of times I wonder it is not beyond 450 kbps either day or night.Being fed up with lodging complaints many times finally I asked Reliance to disconnect my service. U know the reply I got when I asked to disconnect immediately? I was told that my request will be considered after 15 days. Then I questioned “when one is getting coonnection within one or 2 hours why it cannot be disconnected at least in one day “? I felt that I have been cheated about the meaning of upto 3.1 mbps. Lastly please accept even 001 kbps is also come under upto 3.1 mbps, is it not.

  4. can sumbody tell d8 if i hav done a 2nd recharge of 1001 whch gives 10GB in netconnect plus dan vl d left over BALNC B CARRY FORWADED TO D NEXT MONTH IF I DO A RECHARGE OF 180.

    1. I am not sure about Static IP using Reliance NetConnect. negotiate with them if you are a SME.

  5. the reliance is the most UNRELIABLE COMPANY after cancellation of my connection i got 3195 bill.presently i am foughting wth those u hav samekind of problem contact me @9989083657

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