Reliance-Qualcomm roylaty issue deadlocked.

Reliance with support from IT minister Mr Maran is still insisting on lower royalties while the recently concluded board meeting of Qualcomm at San Deigo has affirmed that their will be no cut in royalties. The company release said that,

Qualcomm is committed to help the industry drive handset prices down and it involves multiple players and has nothing to do with negotiations on royalties with operators as they do not pay it.

So are Reliance ADAG officials now busy weighing options to rollover to GSM to deploy 3G ? Meanwhile, their is a good news that Reliance Communications will declare its quarterly results on July 31st.

In a related development, the concept of fixed wireless phone is something new to the Telecom Industry. It is a sub-class inheriting from GSM Cell Phone and LandPhone 🙂 A phone which is similar to your land phone but operates using Mobile Networks(GSM in case of Bharti). That means unlike your routine landline phone which requires wire till your home is not necessary in Fixed Wirless Phones.

Bhari-Airtel launched fixed wireless phone today, known as Airtel Mega. This phone came into existence mainly to service the rural areas in India which were left behind in the telecom revolution. Bharti announced that the service will be made available wherever Bharti’s Airtel Mobile networks.

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