Reliance Vs Qualcomm – Royalties, Spectrum, Network Independence, etc..

I would like to summarize the entire Convergence. In coverage on the issue involving Reliance, Tata, Qualcomm, GSM or CDMA and Spectrum.

It started in the first week of June when Anil Ambani’s Reliance Telecom applied for GSM license. Then I got an insight about Reliance’s call to switch to GSM – Mainly demanding Qualcomm for network independence and lower royalties. The costly CAPEX for its CDMA to migrate to CDMA2000(3G equivalent for CDMA). June 24th I reporetd that Qualcomm stock was severely beaten down as my insiders told me about possible downgrade as Reliance accounts for 8% of Qualcomm’s bottomline and also Nokia killed its CDMA handset plans.

Qualcomm CEO Jacobs in India. Jacobs and Tata’s talk fail, alleges spectrum policy was flawed and the war breaks out. IT Minister Maran and COAI clarify spectrum is not the issue. Reliance and Qualcomm have marathon meetings without any outcome. Reliance Communication’s sticks to its demands.

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