SMS and Web help realize carpooling on demand in Mumbai

It is a well known concept to carpool with colleagues or others in the vicinity of your workplace. Typically you goto a carpool classifieds and hook with other drivers. However, it is common to stay back at work late evenings to talk to your co-workers in the US or Europe. Essentialy your return times are never fixed. But you still want to carpool, how would you do it ?

With rising oil prices and traffic, Mumbai based, MESN(Mumbai Environmental and Social Network) came up with the idea to introduce hooking carpool drivers and ride seekers on the go. They have a website KoolPool. Ride Seekers and Ride Givers can register and try to hook up by means of SMS or Web based scheduling minutes before you both decide to ride back home.

Ride givers earn 25 fuel points for every person picked up and they can redeem their points in HPCL fuel outlets. Ride Seekers should BUY a pre-paid account which gets debited the moment they confirm they want a ride by means of SMS or on the Web. Isn’t it a really cool idea for the busy Mumbaikars

Author: Webmaster