Triple Play in India – Hype & Hurdles

Triple Play – Phone, Internet and TV(Cable, IPTV, DishTV) is the new buzzword amongst Indian telcos. BSNL and Bharti – Airtel are planning to introduce IPTV while Tatas has joined hands with Star TV to offer Tata-Sky DTH(Dish) service. Reliance Communications has announced mega plans through its subsidiary, Reliance BlueMagic but its still not yet clear if they want to provide either Dish or IPTV or both. DishTV which earlier obtained an order from TDSAT has now moved to the Supreme Court over Star TVs high pricing. Reminds me of the ugly cable wars of late 90s.

BSNL which started its piolt project in Pune is now expanding it to other parts of the country. It makes sense for BSNL to take the IPTV route via ADSL broadband because of the abundant copper cable network it has to reach the end customer. BSNL added 10 more exchanges to the existing 8 so that they have a central office every 4 Kms radius. However, Bharti-Airtel has very thin penetration of its broadband as well as land phones. Here is the questionnaire I have sent to Bharti-Airtel.

Looks like Triple play is doing extremely well in Asia while telecom executives are skeptical about it brining any revenues in the US. In a separate development, Tech Mahindra announced their plans to offer IPTV solutions to Indian service providers.

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