Vivah The Movie on Rajshri Broadband Portal – Really BAD

Rajshri Productions, makers of family entertainment movies like Hum Aaap Ke Hey Kaun and Hum Saath Saath Hey are all set to go broadband this time but will be in vain. I read about “Vivah” being made available online and decided to test their website(movie preview) before handing out my credit card. Looks like some high school kid has developed it. Here are the screen shots of the errors I got and didn’t want to waste much time.

Rajshri is also talking of Digital Right Management and I wonder if they really know what it is. Ufff!!! Indian websites. Don’t waste $9.99 downloading the movie, rather go and view it in a mall by booking tickets from the comfort your mobile.

Author: Webmaster

1 thought on “Vivah The Movie on Rajshri Broadband Portal – Really BAD

  1. Hello,

    Stumbled upon this page while surfing randomly.

    Haha. Wow. This is a really long time ago. Nov 2006.

    I feel proud in informing you that Rajshri’s broadband portal infact didn’t go in vain 🙂

    We are India’s largest most finest broadband portal for legal entertainment content with 10 channels, Rajshri being the mothership. (Rajshrimarathi, Rajshribengali, Rajshritamil, Rajshritelugu, Rajshrigujarati, etc.)

    We are Youtube’s no.1 channel in India with over 322 Million Views and counting.


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