3G Wireless Spectrum Auction

3G Wireless Services IndiaThe DoT has announced 3G Spectrum Auction thus paving way for high bandwidth applications to run on wireless networks. 5-10 blocks (of 5Mhz each) per circle in 2.1Ghz band at reserve price of Rs 20.2bn for nation-wide license. In circles with >5 slots, the bidding intensity would be lower than say Mumbai / Delhi, where there are only 2/3 slots.

Three blocks of 1.25MHz each would be available for CDMA operators in the 800Mhz band. Both, the assured allotment to MTNL/BSNL and CDMA spectrum (pro-rata) would be allotted at the highest bid price in 2.1Ghz. Foreign Operators are also allowed to bid but they need to have a UASL license first.

To summarize, the following chart shows spectrum availability for 3G GSM, 3G CDMA and Wireless Broadband.

Refer to goBroadband for more information and analysis on 3G Wireless Spectrum and Broadband Wirless Access.

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