Ad Supported Mobile Gaming

With pricing on Mobile Games under pressure, Mobile Game developers are looking at sponsorships to sell their games. Mobile phone user base in India is the largest and the best consumer platform just like Social Networks in the US.

Jump Games, CEO Bhargava said that,

Free games receive over 100 per cent more downloads than paid games, even though paid games cost mere Rs 50 [$1.1].

Bhargava is now toying with two ideas, drop the price per game to Rs 25 [$0.5] or get advertisers on the platform to sponsor these games. Jump Games will luanch 3 Ad Supported Games a.k.a AdVerGames.

Rajiv Hiranandani, CEO of Mobile2Win said,

Mobile marketing is Rs 8-10 crore industry and is expected to grow 10-fold to become Rs 70-80 crore industry in one year and advergaming will grow at 350 per cent to contribute Rs 4-5 crore to the overall mobile marketing industry.

Bluecasting is a big hit at Indian Malls and now AdVerGaming is all set to attract the Indian mobile subscriber.

Author: Webmaster