Google Local SMS Search Live + Patented

Innovator of the decade, Google Inc is striving hard to make its presence felt with 300 million mobile subscribers in India and the fastest growing Wireless market in the World.

Google Mobile in India has launched an innovative search product powered by SMS. You can search and get local business search / yellow pages information, cricket score, Indian railway PNR status, train schedule, stock quotes, horoscope, news, movies, flight information, currency calculator, world facts or any other reasonable query that can be sent to the Google Core Search Engine can now be sent Via SMS and receive information on your cell phone.

For example, to get Reliance Stock Quote, you can just send an SMS reliance stock to 97733-00000 and receive reply within seconds. You can personalize this service by associating a Location to your mobile number (the city which you reside in).

Google inventors have already filed for patenting this product in India on June-6th-08. Their patent application abstract is as follows,

A computer-implemented method is disclosed that includes receiving on a mobile device a search query associated with a geographic location, providing one or more search results in response to the search query, the search results each being associated with a geographic location, and presenting on a graphical display of the computing device icons corresponding to each search result and also corresponding to a key on the computing device.

Google is not yet inserting any advertisements into the result SMS that it sends to users. They may later go for location based Ads targeting. You can test out this service on the web here and then save the number 97733-00000 on your mobile for searching on the move.

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