MTNL – Jadoo 3G Tariff Plan Delhi

The MTNLs Jadoo 3G services launched in Delhi / NCR will attract a monthly rental of Rs599. The on net video calls will be charged at Rs1.80/min while off net would be Rs3/min.The NLD video calls are priced at Rs3.75.min and ILD tariff is high at Rs30/min. Further the 3G data services draw a monthly rental of Rs149 with Rs5 per MB usage charge.

MTNL Jadoo Detailed Tariff Chart for the next 3 months.
1. Activation charge Rs.500 + service tax
2. Fixed charges Rs.599/- per month
3. Voice call to own network Rs.0.60 per minute
4. Calls to other network Rs. 1.00 per minute
5. Video call own network Rs.1.80 per minute
6. Video call other network Rs. 3.00 per minute
7. STD/ISD As per Budget plan (2G Plan)
7(a) STD video call Rs.3.75 per minute
7 (b) ISD video call Rs. 30/- per minute
8. Local/STD/ISD SMS As per Budget plan (2G Plan)
9. Data @ GPRS/3G/UMTS/HSDPA usage rate Rs.5/- per MB
10. Data @ HSDPA monthly service charges. Rs.149/-
11. MMS Rs.3/-
12. HSDPA card (Optional) Rs.5000/-

MTNL has invested Rs3-4 billion on the 3G roll out so far and currently has a 3G capacity of 150K subscribers.

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