Reliance Communications on Advertising on the Mobile Platform

Reliance Communications campaign for Fair & Lovely Scholarship Program 2007 on Reliance Mobile or R World has been voted as the Best Use of Mobile Marketing in the direct response category at the Mobile Marketing Association Annual Global Awards held in Los Angeles. Mr. Mahesh Prasad, President , RCom said,

The campaign was advertised on R World during August 14 to September 17, 2007, and received over 45,000 responses. Mobile medium is now rapidly emerging as a medium wherein all aspects of a brand campaign-building awareness to lead generation to buzz marketing-can be created and delivered in a holistic way.

On a Question to will Mobile Advertising in India take off, he said,

With NDNC coming into picture, SMS-based campaigns are going to show more prominence. This means mobile advertising marketing will be one of the main tools to reach out to customers. Mobile advertising, a $1 bn industry globally with a 3 bn subscriber base, is set to take off in a big way in India. As pioneer of mobile advertising in the country, we have offered mobile advertising solutions to a number of bluechip clients. Brand managers are using the mobile platform to create and start quick marketing campaigns.

Is Reliance Communications afraid of Google’s Android ?

Google may be trying to dominate the mobile advertisement world. I feel it is going to co-exist since it will be an open alliance. However, we cannot say that all initiatives of Google will meet with success. Ultimately, the customer is getting more options to select. They will decide what to select based on the benefits services or solutions offer.

He is skeptical about Google’s success on Mobile platform but we think it will meet its desired success even though it may not qualify for the Google WOW effect. One of the reasons why we think so is it is spending Millions of dollars on open source developers who can innovate 🙂

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