Reliance Telecom CDMA services in East India

Reliance Communications has announced that the Ministry of communications & information technology, Government of India, has granted in principle approval to Reliance Telecom (RTL), a wholly owed subsidiary of the Company, for providing CDMA services also under the existing unified access service licenses (UASL) granted to RTL for Assam and North East service areas.

This is in addition to existing GSM services provided by RTL. Accordingly, RTL will, in due course, offer CDMA services also in addition to its existing GSM services in Assam and North East Service Areas. The company along with RTL thus has pan India licence to provide both CDMA and GSM services. However, it is not very clear why CDMA services were handed over to RTL, maybe to leverage the management and execution using existing workforce ?

Reliance Communications also filed DRHP for its subsidiary Reliance Infratel [Telecom Infrastructure Arm]

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