Tata DoCoMo Gaining Traction – Reality Check on the Street

Tata DoCoMO launched its GSM service in Mumbai this month with heavy ad spend (print media/hoardings) focusing mainly on per second billing. Tata DoCoMo’s offer of 1p/sec is an ongoing plan and not an introductory offer. We visited some of its retail outlets in Mumbai to gauge the response, took a SIM card and used the service to get a sense of the coverage/quality of network.

Waiing time at outlet was close to an hour though activation was immediate, far quicker than what we experienced during recent similar launches. The outlets had run out of recharge coupons. Coverage across major roads in Mumbai is relatively good with limited call drops, although this may also be due to the congestion free network. Coverage in some areas is limited / no coverage, although this is normal for a new network.

Subscribers with the maximum frequency of <1min duration calls will stand to gain the most and its utility reduces as call duration increases. Finally, our view is that the initial appeal of the tariffs, if combined well with deep coverage, this could force a reaction from the arrogant incumbents like Airtel.

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  1. 1p/sec!!cool offer guys..tata's innovation has no limits..no call drops or signal fails with my sim everything workin just fine.. i became a true fan of tata docomo!!

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