Tata Indicom – Pay Per Call – Max 10 Minutes

The disruption of Indian Telecom Tariffs continue with Tata Indicom the CDMA Wireless service introducing Pay Per Call at flat Fee of Rs 1 / Local Call and Rs 3 for STD Call. Tariff valid to any Phone in India / Mobile or Landline and the maximum duration of the call will be 10 Minutes. This implies, STD calls will cost th consumer 30 paise / minute and 10 paise / minute if they utilize the 10 minute slot. You can recall that Tata DoCoMo disrupted the GSM space by introduction of Per Second Pulse Billing.

We believe that Tata Indicom has introduced this Tariff taking into account the historical call detail record and analyzing the same. You can recall, Airtel Special 5 the Biggest marketing Gimmick was also introduced after a thorough research on Consumer Call Detail Analytics available with the telecom companies since their existence.

All I can say is the wireless tariff war will continue making Consumer as the King and Telecom companies have to look at really helpful Value Added Services to kep their cash registers ringing. Post introduction of Mobile Number Portability, Telcos will have no choice but to match the offer introduced by a competitor.

Update: For Local Calls, After 10 Minutes, the second call will be Billed, again the rate is the same Rs 1 / 10 Minute interval so if you speak for 20 Minutes, you will be deducted Rs 2. Likewise for STD. Billing is in intervals of 10 Minutes 🙂

Author: Webmaster