Mobile Tariff War Timeline – The Big Fall and Small Rise

We would like to show you how the Big Telecom Tariff war in the Indian Wireless Industry shaped between 2008 and 2011 when the rates fell drastically as a matter of intense competition and they made a small rise later.

    • Reliance CDMA launched all local calls at Rs 1 / Minute in Jan-2008
    • Reliance GSM Mobile launched with STD Tariffs at Rs 1 / Minute Dec-2008 in line with OneIndia Plan of BSNL launched in 2007
    • Tata DoCoMo launches the most innovative mobile tariff plan in the World – 1 Paise / Second Billing – Jan-2009
    • Reliance Introduces Flat Rate Calling of 50 Paise / Minute to Any Phone Across India. BSNL Follows.
    • Uninor Cuts into Tata DoCoMo and launches 39 Paise / Minute Calling Plan – Dec-09
    • Videocon launches STD at 25 Paise / Minute

  • All Operators now have 1 Paise / Second Billing in 2010
  • July-2011 – Airtel makes a bold move, increases Tariffs to 1.2 Paise / Second i.e 20% Hike, other operators follow

The Following Chart Pictorially depicts the Indian Telecom Tariff War

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  1. Good article. But as you missed MTS, it offered 1p/2sec local call rate for lifetime in selected circles. Later this plan was revised with 1 year validity. Soon MTS brought local and std at 1p/2sec for lifetime with minimum recharge of Rs 900/180 days.

    So basically with MTS you do not have recharge a Power pack/STV.

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