We would like to show you how the Big Telecom Tariff war in the Indian Wireless Industry shaped between 2008 and 2011 when the rates fell drastically as a matter of intense competition and they made a small rise later.

    • Reliance CDMA launched all local calls at Rs 1 / Minute in Jan-2008
    • Reliance GSM Mobile launched with STD Tariffs at Rs 1 / Minute Dec-2008 in line with OneIndia Plan of BSNL launched in 2007
    • Tata DoCoMo launches the most innovative mobile tariff plan in the World – 1 Paise / Second Billing – Jan-2009
    • Reliance Introduces Flat Rate Calling of 50 Paise / Minute to Any Phone Across India. BSNL Follows.
    • Uninor Cuts into Tata DoCoMo and launches 39 Paise / Minute Calling Plan – Dec-09
    • Videocon launches STD at 25 Paise / Minute

  • All Operators now have 1 Paise / Second Billing in 2010
  • July-2011 – Airtel makes a bold move, increases Tariffs to 1.2 Paise / Second i.e 20% Hike, other operators follow

The Following Chart Pictorially depicts the Indian Telecom Tariff War

One thought on “Mobile Tariff War Timeline – The Big Fall and Small Rise”
  1. Good article. But as you missed MTS, it offered 1p/2sec local call rate for lifetime in selected circles. Later this plan was revised with 1 year validity. Soon MTS brought local and std at 1p/2sec for lifetime with minimum recharge of Rs 900/180 days.

    So basically with MTS you do not have recharge a Power pack/STV.

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