Uninor’s tariffs – Competitive, not disruptive

Uninor today announced launch in 7 circles – TN, Kerala, Karnataka, AP, UP (East), UP (West) and Bihar with distribution comprising 1000 exclusive distributors and 210k retail points. With this, only Etisalat-Swan are yet to launch among the new entrants with strategic partners.

Uninor has announced plans for subs with longer duration calls (Talkmore) as well as frequent callers (Callmore). While headline local o/g rate is 29p/min, the effective rate is higher due to set-up cost/ rentals. For normal usage, the effective tariffs are at par with the prevalent benchmark for new entrants i.e. 50p/min. However, if used well by subs, it can lead upto 20-25% discount. Given that subs are likely to have a wider distribution of call durations as well as daily no. of calls, the effective discount is likely to be somewhere in between.

Though Uninor tariffs are neither disruptive nor simple (like Docomo’s per sec or RCOM) and hence may not be a runaway success, its bound to have some impact on traffic distribution.

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