John Doerr on Suriving the DownTurn

Johen Doerr, Valley’s most successful VC and board member of Google Inc has 10 tips for startup founders on how they can survive the downturn. John’s 10 commandments are,

  • Act now
  • Protect core of your business
  • Have 18 months or more of cash
  • Don’t spend on PC and expensive software and use Web based Services [Maybe Open Source ?]
  • Negotiate with clients , terms contacts etc
  • Everybody in the company should be selling including receptionist – SELL the product should be the underlying tone
  • Stop cash bonus and salaries – reward with equities
  • Keep you cash in most secure instruments – US Treasury not Money Market
  • Revenues of 90 days in Advance
  • Over communicate to everybody that mater to your business

Courtesy: AllThingsDigital

Author: Webmaster