List of Desi Video Sharing Websites

Their are many Indians who want to replicate the success of YouTube in India. Little do they realize that they are doing nothing innovative but a straightforward copy 🙂

Startups India has been closely tracking the list of all Video Sharing websites that have surfaced like fly by night operators.

The first one to surface and is probably the first one to go out of business [Not sure at the time this blog entry was written the site in question, ApnaTube was down. Another site VideoDubba also has the same punch line as ApnaTube – Desi Broadcasting. Who is copying whom ? LOL ]

Here are other YouTube copy cats 🙂

Jeez!!! other than these sites, Reliance ADAG controlled BigAdda also lets you upload and share videos. In our user experience, BigAdda is the only site that is hosted in India and has faster streaming compared to the rest in the crowd.

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  1. Hi
    There is one more new startups from india, A video,Photo sharing community site which also share revenujavascript:void(0)
    Publish Your Commente with its Members. This is a first Indian Video & revenue sharing
    site. No need to upload video, user simply make copy of embed code from youtube,Google Video and Yahoo video.
    It has mainly Indian origin traffic and Indian stuff.

  2. Cheerful WebSite with Pleasant name!!!!

    Little more fast, It will ZAP Youtube…If not acquired by any big fishes

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