National Entrepreneurship Network

Aspiring entrepreneurs of India can now connect on National Entrepreneurship Network. The goal is to develop more skills on being successful by seeking guidance and studying various case studies. You can also seek funding to nourish your idea.

The goal is to bring to light street-smart small town Entrepreneurs to connect with enterprises. techTribe is another such community specifically targeted at the IT community in India. Personally, I don’t find the site so appealing because of the content on entrepreneursip being too meager and some obsolete. If you are a Tech entrepreneur, then GigaOmniMedia’s FoundRead is one of the best sources of startup education. FoundRead has lot of contributors, really especially startup founders or star developers who have actually ventured on their own.

Kindly weigh before you pitch your ideas in the public domain because you can hardly think of knocking the doors of justice with IP protection.

Author: Webmaster