Rediff + Ticketvala for Bus Ticket Booking

Ticketvala the online bus reservation platform has opened its interface to Rediff so that Rediff users can book bus tickets online.

Rediff Bus FareSearch – powered by AJAX lets you search through the Ticketvala database for buses and then buy the same online. We are not sure how much Rediff gets paid by Ticketvala for the arrangement 🙂

I tried purchasing a Bus Ticket during for one of the long weekends and I would say that the experience of buying it exceeded my expectations. Ticketvala also has a dedicated call center to resolve any issues.

One of the best features is you can book the ticket for any of your relatives residing at any other place. All they will need after the booking is a PNR Number through which they can View and Print it for their journey.

Redbus is another competing service for online bus ticket reservations.

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2 thoughts on “Rediff + Ticketvala for Bus Ticket Booking

  1. I just used the Red Bus service, and it was really bad! They promisd to deliver my ticket 4 days back, but it eventually reached my office just an hour before I was going to the bus station. And this is after I had to call them every hour. What’s more, the “ticket” that they deliver is the e-ticket, which you can take a printout of anyway. So in effect, they charge you the Rs.25 not to deliver, but for you to pay them. The whole experience of booking a ticket with them was horrendous!

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