SeventyMM Movie Downloads + Tier-II City Plans

NetFlix clone in India SeventyMM, plans to expand into Tier-II cities and also offer Movie Downloads. Unclear if Movie Download is for the Indian or the Overseas market to compete with Rajashri and BigFlicks.

Mr. Sarkar of SeventyMM said,

In terms of growth rates among various entertainment segments, home video shows the maximum potential with the market poised to grow to Rs 2,500 crore by 2011, from the present Rs 650 crore. Owing to this, the film industry may move towards revenue-sharing deals, and we are waiting for the industry to take trajectory towards this.

Seventymm currently has a presence in six cities – Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. They got a footprint in Delhi NCR and Chandigarh by virtue of acquiring Madhouse media and they launched in Hyderabad today.

Other players in the DVD Rental Business in India are – CatchFlix, MovieMart and CineSprite. MoserBaer and T-series will remain as DVD movie retailers and Reliance is expected to join them instead of being into rental business.

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2 thoughts on “SeventyMM Movie Downloads + Tier-II City Plans

  1. Seventymm – HORRIBLE SERVICE! Need to invest first in Systems and Customer Service before adding new features / services / cities to make more money!

    Recently subscribed and all the positivity vanishes the moment your cheque is collected.

    Ask for a suggestion and they will give an uneducated one! Order a DVD and wait until the delivery boy arrives, or you can call the next morning to check and the reply is its been dispatched.

    I waited half a day and then called again to check. Now the reply is “SORRY, SYSTEM FAILURE, DVD WAS NOT DISPATCHED”

    Guess these guys can do with some serious investment in SYSTEMS & CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE if they want to be a leading online rental service.

  2. Beware of Seventymm movie rental service—-

    I was the subscriber of Seventymm (Sub ID-47161)and being dissatisfied with the service,I opted for refund of my security deposit of RS. 999/- long back and I was really amazed by the indifference shown by them regarding refund of my security deposit of Rs.999/- nor have picked up the two movies from me inspite of being asked long ago. Everytime I send e-mail, they send their customary regret letter and subsequent telephone call from your office. They kept on assuring me to make payment within 15 days since Aug 21, 2007. Even after sending my various e-mail they replied in routine fashion assuring me of early payment and their customer care person even called me in the third week of January’2008 and said that cheque amounting to Rs. 999/- is ready for delivering the same at my office address. But till date , I have not heard anything from their end. Their service is public related service and I feel that such type of behaviour from this type of Company need to be brought to the notice of public in general through the appropriate medium as well as through initiation of appropriate legal proceedings. Also please note that, I tried to close the entire issue in an amicable manner, but, it appears that, they are not interested to close the issues once for all other than sending their hilarious regret mail from time to time.

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