Internet Telephony – TRAI Gives a Strong Reply to DoT

Breaking NewsIn a strong reply to the delaying tactics of DoT, TRAI re-affirmed its stand on opening the VoIP / Internet Telephony within India. We have obtained a copy of the letter written by TRAI which said – The liberalization of Internet telephony would bring in more competition in the domestic and long distance market.

Here is more on TRAI Vs DoT on other issues raised by the latter.

  • Level Playing Field – TRAI is of the opinion that Any direct comparison of access service providers and ISPs, due to vast difference in privileges, services, and resources given to them under their respective licenses does not seem to be desirable. TRAI’s recommendation will not disturb level playing field. The Authority proposes no change in existing entry fee for ISP to provide Internet Telephony services with facility to terminate Internet Telephony calls on PSTN / PLMN through Internet cloud.
  • Allocation of Numbering Resources – TRAI is of the view that number resources must be utilized efficiently. Therefore, DoT may consider to prescribe charges for number allocation to ISPs, if any, to ensure efficient utilization.
  • Emergency Number Calling – Internet telephony service providers may be encouraged to facilitate access to emergency number calls; however they may not be mandated to provide such services. The Authority is conscious of future development and likely need to
    mandate emergency number dialing in future.

DoT must go ahead and open the domestic VoIP market with immediate effect.

Author: Webmaster