STD carrier choice proposal by TRAI faces opposition

TRAI’s proposal to offer the choice of STD / NLD carrier for the end consumer is facing stiff opposition from all the telecom operators in India [Private + BSNL].

What is carrier choice for NLD /STD ?
TRAI had proposed that all service providers make provision for carrier selection code so that consumer can select the operator through which he wants to route his long distance call.

However, TRAI’s proposal submitted almost 5 years ago and was kept in abeyance for reasons well known to TRAI, doesn’t make any sense in the current scenario where that STD rates have fallen to Rs 1.0 to Rs 1.30 and in some cases like Reliance On-Net Calling its can be FREE too.

Then BSNL was the only company opposed to TRAI’s proposal. Now, all the Telcos are opposing the same saying that making provisions for “carrier selection code” in their network will cost them a big fortune as they have to build a massive database and billing system of all Plans offered by the Telco against STD / NLD prices offered by other Telcos to this particular Telco.

Sounds like a VALID argument and TRAI keep the proposal suspended atleast for the next 12-months and then final;ly can abandon it marking it as obsolete.

Author: Webmaster