TRAI Recommendations on Wireless Infrastructure Sharing

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The TRAI just a while ago released final recommendations on Active and Passive infrastructure sharing for Wireless service providers in India.

Passive Infrastructure involves Real Estate Space for Tower, feeders, Transimission Equipment, Power Backup units etc. The Active Infrastructure constitutes antenna systems, cables, filters, allocated frequency spectrum, transmission system etc. As on today, the telecom licenses didn’t allow for sharing of Active infrastructure. In order to achieve 50% teledensity by 2010, India needs 330,000 towers against the present number of 100,000.

TRAI recommendations has cleared the hurdles for Active and Passive infrastruture sharing and to achieve higher penetration rates especially in rural India. Some of the important recommendations are as follows,

  • The licence conditions of UASL/CMSP should be suitably amended to allow active infrastructure sharing.
  • The active infrastructure sharing arrangements may be left to service providers based on mutual agreements
  • The service provider should indicate the intention of active infrastructure sharing in transparent and predictable manner. All licensees must announce on their web site the details regarding the existing and future infrastructure installations available for sharing with other service providers.

Do service providers really care about having up-to-date information on their websites ? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

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