DesiMartini – Social Networking Site sold for $10 Million

The Social Networking deal ship is now in India. DesiMartini one of the early startups with 250,000 registered users was bought by Hindustan Times for $10 Million. That is approximately $40 / registered user. When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is unwilling to sell Facebook and is commending valuations of $15 bn, why did Vivek Pahwa sell out of DesiMartini so soon ? Well some entrepreneurs are in a hurry to make the quick buck and it is also likely that he may have been denied VC funding. Advertisements is not the ultimate platform for survival and hence you may want to Exit at the best available opportunity.

If you are planning to BUY one to compete Hindustan Times, here is a shopping list ready for you 🙂

Author: Webmaster