Nivio Software As a Service or a Joke ?

I was excited about this company called Nivio which has developed Windows as a software service. From their website,

What is Nivio ?
Nivio is a fully functional Windows desktop environment accessible via a web browser through any Internet connected device running on any platform (including Linux, MAC and Windows).

Nivio enables a user to seamlessly access the desktop data & applications when and where they need it; be it at the office, from home or even on the go.

I question the security and stability of Nivio system. I had signed up to test for Beta and then guess what, they created a flawed mailing list in which anybody replying to “”, the e-mail was sent to all the folks in the list. My Inbox was filled with more than 50 crap mails and of course some spammers took advantage of this.

Nivio’s CEO, Mr Sachin Duggal has appologised but still their e-mail system is not fixed.

Author: Webmaster