2007 – Year of Jokes from BSNL + Economic Times

After Satyam Infoway its BSNL Broadband in the high spirits of announcements without any substance. Officials at BSNL Kolkata claim that they will deploy 500 Mbps [yes don’t pinch yourself, its 500 Mbps] optical fiber broadband networks in Kolkata. Probably this will be the fastest broadband network in any city in the world.

The ET writer says,

The 100 mbps project will allow users to make his/her entire house a local area network on which all gadgets like TV, refrigerator, washing machine, micro-wave, gizzard, water filter or the lock at the main door and the gate will be connected. All these can be controlled remotely through a wireless gadget like the cell phone or any other handheld devices.

What I don’t understand is why does one need 100Mbps to drive home appliances ? According to Embedded Systems Control, few bits are enough to make them functional 🙂 After connecting all those home appliances on a 100 Mbps network, the Economic Times reporter will use his cell phone [probably on GSM network] to control them 🙂

Oops! wait a minute, the reporter has just done his job, reporting It is actually the CGM BSNL Kolkata, S K Chakravarti who said,

These kind of applications require at least 100mbps speeds, termed FTTP (fibre to the premises). Once this speed is achieved a few additional instruments at the users end will enable wireless gadgets to control almost all electronic and electrical devises from remote locations.

I think the BSNL official was in a light mood to joke and the ET reporter took it seriously, came back to office and made a big story LOL 🙂 Alas, 2007 is ending as a Year of Jokes instead of the Year of Broadband for DoT & BSNL.

Author: Webmaster