Airtel CallHome Vs Reliance Calling Card

It took nearly 2 years for Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd to compete with Reliance Communications’ Reliance India Call. Airtel has finally launched a calling card for the Indian diaspora in the US.
The Deal – It is the same as their Virtual Calling Card available in India which costs Rs 3.5 / Minute to call the US. Alternatively, it costs the same for NRIs to call India 7.9 cents / Minute to any phone in India.

Reliance India Call – Their India to US Calling Card costs Rs 4.5 / Minute while from US to India, rates vary depending on the phone the call terminates. It is flat 9.9 cents / minute to any Reliance phone and 12.9 cents / Minute to any other phone in India .

Though Anail Ambani’s Reliance owns Flag Telecom the international carrier, RCom is still unable to compete and match Airtel’s offer and customer service. It’s high time that someone reading this from Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge Park review RCom’s customer service.

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