ASSOCHAM Recommends Cheaper PCs

ASSOCHAM has recommended Cheaper PCs and use of existing infrastructure like Power Lines to increase the broadband penetration in the worlds second most populous country.

TRAI & DoT’s target for Broadband Subscribers in India for 2007 is 9 Million. At the end of 2006, India had just 2 Million Broadband Subscribers. So this target seems very ambitious. They also recommend that PCs should be cheaper than Rs 10,000 to have mass penetration along with substantial localized content.

ASSOCHAM accepts that India does not have a comprehensive wired infrastructure in place and thus WiMax and 3G are the only solutions for deploying Broadband in Rural and Semi-Urban areas. The study further reveals that, one of the major issues facing broadband networks is the congestion created by peer-to-peer traffic on those networks. So what is NIXI doing ?

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