Bollywood on Demand – Return of the Intel Lobby

We have heard about the Indian economy being overheated, but what do you call these announcements about BSNL IPTV and Bollywood on Demand ?

IPTV never makes sense to me in the context of Indian consumer. Questions sent to Airtel and BSNL GM, Dr Chakravarty, on IPTV have went unanswered. I think the journalists reporting these stories have no knowledge about what they write. Take for instance the BSNL IPTV announcement, not even a single reporter thought of questioning BSNL chief the simplest question – Unlimited Bandwidth ?

Now we see that Eros entertainment is partnering with Intel to provide Bollywood content on demand. I don’t know the inner details of Eros – Intel deal but Eros has confirmed in a written response that, only Intel platform users can view the content. This means if you have a Media Center PC powered by AMD64, you can’t enjoy the Bollywood content distributed by Eros.

Are the regulators of fair market or MRTPC [Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commision] in India reading this article ?

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Author: Webmaster