Browser Market Share on our Network

We check your browser analyze what browsers / OS / screen resolution visitors to this site are using. Without any doubt Windows still continues to be the dominant OS on our network.

Browser Market Share:
We have in the past strongly recommended you to use Firefox browser. However, most of you still continue to use IE as the share of IE is still a high – 65.2%. Internet Explorer 6.0 is pretty flaky which most of you are using. Switch to Firefox now.

The second most popular browser is Firefox with 24.3% of our visitors using it to surf. Chrome has picked up a fantastic market share of 3.85% since its launch in Sept-08 while Opera is at 2.7% followed by Safari at 1.1% and then the rest.

The statistics are for the month of Nov and Dec 2008. It will be interesting to compare how the distribution will look like at the end of this year. Any guesses where Chrome will be ?

Author: Webmaster