BSNL 3G Data Card + Plans for Internet Access

We have collected details about accessing the Internet using High speed BSNL 3G Network in Chennai. BSNL will expand the same service and network to other circles and at the same Tariffs.

BSNL Broadband using 3G Network:
Users shall be able to access Web using High speed broadband connection. BSNL talks of 2 Mbps but we will be happy to receive at least 1 Mbps uninterrupted data transfer.

Users have the choice to connect using USB Stick Interface or PCMCIA Card which will be provided by BSNL. Available choices are Merlin X950D Express Card, Merlin XU870 Express Card, Option Globe Trotter Express 7.2, Option Globe Trotter Express HSUPA 3G data card and Sierra Wireless Air Card 880E.

Tariffs for BSNL Broadband 3G Data Plans:
Trial Pack – 50 MB Rs 60 and 100 MB will cost Rs 120 with 15 days Validity.

BSNL 3G Broadband Plans with Limited Usage:
The following plans have validity of 30 days. Additional download will be charged at Rs 2 / MB.
For Rs 250 you will get 300 MB Free Download, Rs 400 will fetch you 1 GB of Free Download, Rs 650 will get you 2 GB of Free Download while Rs 1,000 will get you 5 GB of Download. Service taxes are Extra.

BSNL 3G Broadband Plan with Unlimited Usage:
This will cost you Rs 3,000 / month with unlimited data transfer. Compare this to Airtel’s 1 Mbps DSL Unlimited data transfer plan available at Rs 2,222. BSNL is currently enjoying the monopoly and eventually when other operators enter the market, BSNL will be the first one to reduce the tariff as it has been pretty customer friendly.

Now if you are our reader in Chennai or other Metros where BSNL / MTNL 3G Data Plans are launched, we request you to check the Broadband Speed here and kindly notify us by means of a comment.

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88 thoughts on “BSNL 3G Data Card + Plans for Internet Access

  1. Hi
    My family lives in Ankleshwar(Gujarat).I have purchased 3G dongle for internet before I came to US for my family. I would like to chat with them using Skype. Let me tell you that they (my family) have been trying to connect internet for last one month but it gets unplugged with in 5 to 10 minutes. It may work if we have laptop so we can go where network is. Very funny BSNL!!!
    DO not buy useless so called 3G service from BSNL if you are in Ankleshwar and plan to use it in your home desktop PC.

  2. Hi,
    I purchased BSNL 3G in Nov-2010 – Terracom USB Stick.

    There are serious performance issues with this service. I also do have a Tata VSNL Broadband connection. I did some test using “tracert” command available in windows.

    The result is that It takes considerable time even to establish a connection with the nearest tower. where as it is is 25ms with vsnl. Presently It might work for a few minutes and simply stops working. This service is useless for any serious work such online trading etc.

  3. Oh, Sorry, forgot to mention the location.

    It is cochin city and well withing their 3g service area as per their instruction.

  4. Hi,
    I purchased T-MOBILE HUAWAIE to be used for
    BDNL 3G.
    It gets connected when used in compaqe laptop I am able to browse only for a minute or two and then it gets connected.Mobile instrument has been checked
    by BSNL mechanics. They it is ok. I have changed sim cards 3 times (three different Mobile Net nos.) There is no improvement. It is prepaid. As such I am not investing further. Any body can help and solve this problem.

  5. I use a reliance-data card and had similar issues. u need to disable the antivirus on ur system. works without disruption. the service has its own antivirus so swithing-off the antivirus is safe.

  6. Hi

    I have 3g EVDO Prepaid USB data Card. I set the security password. but unfortunately I forgot the password. How to reset the password ? please help me..

  7. Hi… We want back BSNL”s UNLIMITED 3G plans of Rs.4,200 for 6 months. This was there till last december. we want this offer back. BSNL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! r u reading this??????

  8. Will you please let the public know how to activate GPRS 3G plan in 3G Prepaid Card ( not data card )? Your customer care told me to send message “DATA601” TO 53733 TO GET 3GB DATA FOR 3 MONTHS IN A 3G PREPAID CARD ( NOT DATA CARD ). If this is correct why not you make the public know this? I was also told to send message “DATA252” to get one month validity 1GB data to 53733. But this information is not available in your website. How do you expect public to avail your services without letting them know how to avail such service?

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