BSNL 3G DataCard – Review

bsnl usb 3g data card micromaxThe battle for Wireless broadband intensified as BSNL now has a competitor – Reliance. We review the BSNL 3G USB interface DataCards for HSDPA [a 3G service]. Kindly note that 3G calling and Voice services has been withdrawn in certain circles until the security equipments are deployed. 3G / EVDO broadband / data services is not related to the same issue.

The picture on your left is the DataCard that you will plug into your system to access 3G broadband. Ideal Data transfer limits using this card are 3.6 Mbps Download and 384 Kbps Upload. The data card supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista and also Mac but not Linux. Additional support for VAS such as in-built phone book for contacts management as well as SMS facilities including Group SMS.

BSNL 3G broadband services is currently available in 11 cities and will cost you Rs 3,000 for Unlimited Plan.

The cost of MMX 300G DataCard is INR 3801.00.

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57 thoughts on “BSNL 3G DataCard – Review

  1. Hello

    I purchased 3G Sim for 180 RS and 7.2 Mbps usb modem. On the sim card they written ” Faster then your Thoughts!” but i am only getting 150 KB/s (1.2 Mbps) in IDM hardly. Why is this happening i called to customer care also i have to wait almost 1 hour in queue (as usual), then the lady said we don’t have any solution for for the speed issue. i am wondering then why are BSNL laying in ads that they will provide guaranteed faster speed. Also when i asked to the customer support that how much speed i will get? and she said i don’t know!! hehe, A customer care don’t know about 3G speed??? then who knows!!!

    Also fluctuations in speed is very worst its always starts from 5 kb/s to 150 kb/s approx always. Speed is not getting constant on 150 kb/s. Thanks to god i have my Airtel broadband, I think Airtel is the best internet provider in India, i think the 3G service of Airtel will be also best like its broadband.
    I will upgrade my Airtel broadband to the high speed plan, no matter how much i need to pay but i believe that it will be a internet experience not like BSNL. From my sight i will rate BSNL 2/10
    and Airtel 9/10, This rating is according to my area experience.
    I don’t know about other cities, some people are getting more then 2 Mbps, but their speed is not constant.

    Thank You

  2. I am about to get one 3G Device. Thank God I am damn lucky to view this reviews. Thanks to All.
    All Govt. Org’s in India works like the same pathetic way. One shd never expect goddamn support more than this. So wait for Airtel 3G service.

  3. I am getting “PPP link control protocal termiated” error
    It worked very well for 2 months…
    i asked and searched every where i can to get the solution, but everyone said ‘the only solution is to contact 1503’…
    I’ve been calling them many times, since 7days & it ws just waste of time, they didnt reply even once…
    now i have no idea how im going to get my connection back running… 🙁

  4. i m viplove from amritsar… bsnl 3g sucks… it is v costlier in punjab the speed is only 2 kbps n dey r looting us..dey r giving 15 gb for rs 3000 unlimited packs in punjab.. fuk u bsnl….

  5. hello every body.

    its have lot of complaints, problems in bsnl 3g modem. too slow. downloading also…
    other networks are only Rs.1699/- but bsnl is Rs.2500+180..

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