Women Discreet Shopping – Top Products Sold

The Web is gradually making inroads in Tier-II and Tier-II cities of India. However, women are already shopping on the Net, especially products that can cause them to BUY in-store due to the embarrassment. Here are the Top 10 Products Indian Women like to BUY in Private shopping Online.

  • Clevage Enhancer
  • Playgel Lubricant + Sensational Lubricant
  • Sensilube Moisturiser for V + Light Silky Lube
  • Deep neck Glamorous Lingerie
  • Vibrator Ring
  • Bridal Wear Lingerie Set
  • Condoms + Vibrating
  • Various Kinds of Lingerie
  • Breast Firming Cream

Note: This has got nothing to do with Web 2.0, but just writing the shopping trends. Now, can you guess the websites they are shopping from ?

Author: Webmaster