BSNL Bangalore Targets 300K Landline Connections

At a time when Landline connections across the country is seeing a dip, BSNL in Bangalore is bucking the trend. BSNL actually saw an increase of 5% in the number of land line connections provided last year – Most of the demand is due to broadband services. BSNl plans to add 300K Land line connections this year and achieve a growth of 8% over last year. This is despite 3,000 connections being surrendered every month.

Shubhendu Ghosh, GM BSNL Bangalore said,

Most customers still want a landline and that si where they prefer BSNL over other operators. While there is a good percentage still surrendering their phones, the necessity of having a landline to enable broadband on it is spurring the demand.

With the construction boom in Bengaluru, BSNL has tied up with various developers to offer broadband ready homes to Geeky Bangaloreans. BSNL lays an Optical cable until the Apartment complex which terminate into a mini exchange. From this mini exchange to your Apartment a copper cable is drawn which makes your home plug-n-play 🙂

BSNL’s IPTV in Bangalore has few takers due to the low number of channels [60] the company is offering. Do let us know about your experience with BSNL in getting a broadband connection as we couldn’t get one 12-15 months ago.

Author: Webmaster