BSNL Cuts Tariffs for Corporate + Non Retail Customers

With severe competition from private players, BSNL has slashed Bandwidth tariffs for corporates and Non-Retail Customers. Details of new broadband Tariffs [for 12 months] are as follows,

  • A 45 Mbps leased line will now cost Rs 1.8 crore for a corporate who is not an ISP [Earlier this package was costing Rs 2.7 crore]
  • A 1 Mbps line will now cost mere Rs 4.5 lakh for corporates and Rs 5.1 lakh for ISPs
  • A 256 Kbps leased line will cost Rs 200,000, rates slashed from Rs 270,000
  • All educational institutions are further eligible for a 20% discount on bandwidth less than 2 Mbps and 40% discount on bandwidths higher than 2 Mbps.

Kindly note that these schemes are mainly for corporates and SMEs. Now, you maybe wondering who will opt for a 1 Mbps leased line when they can get 1 Mbps unlimited data transfer plan for as low as Rs 15,000 / month. Well, their are SMEs who have their web-servers for clients hosted on such infrastructure. Also , stock brokers in Mumbai have to have a leased line connectivity with the stock exchanges and hence these schemes.

Author: Webmaster